Welcome to my blog!



Back in 2016, I start to blog about my journey of having many chronic illnesses. I have changed a lot through out the years and now I am more comfortable talking about what is going on and sharing my story about how I was diagnosed and how is has effected my day to day life.

Most of my blog posts will vary with a variety of subjects on my blog

  • life with scleroderma
  • anime
  • My dog sugar
  • traveling places
  • self reflections
  • life writings
  • anime
  • stages of growth (myself)
  • and other things that I think of!

I will add more ideas and some posts will have one others will be a series it just depends

I hope that you enjoy the content that I put on this blog! (Sometimes it might take me a couple of weeks to post. My scheduling days may be inconsistent and random, but I will try my best to post consistently). Thank you for your patience!

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