Welcome to my Instagram!!

Hello everyone!!

I made a new account for Instagram and I am super excited!! Not sure what I am going to post but I will try to make it interesting and interactive for everyone to enjoy. My plan is to post many pictures ranging from myself, nature, my travels in the past with also upcoming trips, quotes and a mix of what is going on with my health. As I mentioned in my post I truly want to spread awareness about all the diseases that I have because most people do not know what my diseases are which make me pretty sad. But I know that I can always try my best and do it in my own way!


My profile pic!!

Although I am just starting on Instagram I already feel very nice vibes with everyone already. I have not had a good experience with social media, there was always people making fun of me and people not really responding or supporting me in any way. I decided that Instagram would be my primary source of social media because I already feel so welcome. For me not having to worry and to know that I have big support group that is there for me, is a really big deal. I just hope this time that my experience will be more enjoyable.


My favorite quote



New things Happening


I have not been feeling well this past month. Getting new symptoms, which are not fun at all. My brain is not really understanding words and I am very slow to respond if someone answers asks me something. And the world is slow too I do not really understand that part. Having headache and getting dizzy which is not good either. I do not know what is going on with me it is very weird, can’t really think. Um got a brain scan results are normal. But that’s the good new there is also bad news. Got diagnosed with high blood pressure which is very scary. Sometimes I feel like my brain is about to explode and my heart feels like it is begin squeezed by another person. Lost five pounds not very good because of my condition I am already skinny as it is. Got to monitor my blood pressure whenever I have a headache but that’s every day. New symptoms are not okay to have.


I am seriously trying my best but there is always something holding me back or something new comes up. I am going to try my best, but it is hard especially when I can not really come up with the words I want to say and health wise I am struggling too. Just not feeling so great overall but I found a new song from “Guilty Kiss”. There songs are amazing, and I can deeply connect to the lyrics that they are singing. Sorry if this post sounds weird can not really think right now…


But I also went to the jingle bell Arthritis walk on Saturday December 9. I had so much fun and I did the entire course! I was so proud of myself because last year I could not really do the whole course because my body just was not prepared. Considering my health problems, it is very surprising to see that I am still fit. During the run my feet and knees started to hurt and I had to stop sometimes to stretch them out, but I was able to complete it and I was so happy that I did it. But in all seriousness, I need to be very careful with my blood pressure because it feels very scary to feel like my heart hurts while it is beating so fast. I just do not want my blood pressure to be too high and experience those symptoms, but I know I can do it, it just takes some time for me to adjust to what is going on.


And lastly on the 29th in December I went to go volunteer. It was nice because his time I worker with the cat. I do not have any experience with cats because I do not have any at home. The job was to clean out the cat’s kennels and make sure that they were comfortable.  It was kind of intense because the kennels on the bottom I had to squat down and reach at the end of it which was long, but soon I got the hang of cleaning the kennels. All of the cats we so cute and were trying to play with my hands, my favorite part was being that I got to hold a 19-pound bunny which was very soothing. The bunny tried to escape from my arms, but I made sure she did not escape from my loving grip. After holding her I had a lot of hair on my apron when I was done with my shift. That made my day walking outside the shelter with white hair knowing that I had my dose of animal care and interaction makes me happy that animals just sometimes they want so to love, and I like begin a part of the team to do just that.


I hope that every enjoys the holidays!!

First Day Volunteering at the Animal Shelter

Today I had an amazing day! I started my day early with my first mentored shift at the animal shelter. I choose to be with the dogs because I was very interested to see on how the volunteers take care of them. I met this super nice guy named Tony. It was pretty awkward at first because we were both tying to get in the shelter and came before 8 am. Both of us talked with each other because it was super cool because we both realized that it was both our first day at the shelter! He is really chill and super nice, I was signed up for dogs and he was signed up for cats. It was really cool to meet someone who has the same passion for taking care of animals.

                                                              Volunteer ready at 8:00 am!

It was funny because we both did not know what to do. So we just sat there until I said that it was our first day here. We all laughed and we were able to find out mentors and go to our assigned places. What I did was scrub down the kennels with disinfectant and scrubbed it until it was clean. After that I got to go inside the kennels and fix new bedding. Luckily, there was not that many dogs, so I was done in a hour of the half. Also learned how to clean there bowls and got some one on one time with some of the dogs. When I was done after that I still had 15 minutes until my shift was over, so I decide to do laundry and fold some blankets. After that I met with other volunteers and we had a little party with the small animals (bunnies, Guinea pigs) before the public started to look at the animals.


Whenever I volunteer at the shelter I do not think of it as a sad experience, I love seeing animals that have been there for a while get adopted to their forever home with a loving family. Each time I see different animals each time I go the the shelter. So I think that it is very exciting to see what is there each week. I love volunteering with animals because it gives me a feeling of happiness whenever I see an animal getting the care and love that it needs and make me feel good that I gave back to my community. I also volunteer because I was to find my dream dog in the future who will become my service dog. 

                                                          Awww! this is why I volunteer!

My quiet zone and new changes


(A very accurate pain scale because I think that it is easier to explains how my pain affects me)

Many things have been super hard for me lately and I am not just complaining or whining. I know that I have been saying the same things lately but it is just really hard for me to cope with so many problems including pain. That is the main reason why I started a blog is that I wanted a way to share my story in a different way by writing. Originally this was for my college English 205 class, but I realized that I can be creative in my writing without anyone making fun of me. I did vlogging around this time of year last year, but I took me a long time to edit videos and uploading them kept on taking space on all of my devices. I loved vlogging but I realized pictures are easier because capturing that one shot of pure happiness and spreading it to world I feel like has a bigger impact on people overall. Pictures to me, when I look at them I feel like I can go back to that exact moment and recall how I felt and what was going on that picture.

       (A picture of me doing archery at camp, it shows how I have pure happiness in my smile!)

As some people might now my health issues are really taking a toll on me. It has been feeling very scary on how I have been feeling this month. I been having really bad wrist and ankle pain, after the results of the mri scan showed that I have tenosynovitis on my wrists. So in order to combat that I starts acterma injections on Thursday. I chose Thursday’s because it was the day that my classes end for the week so I can rest during my four day weekend. I did not expect something to come up after having these results but after I knew that I had relief that there was something wrong with me in a good way.

(I am laying on my bed because it was one of those cold, rainy, days that was making me go in to a flare)

What the quiet zone means is that it is usually a time that I don not talk with anyone or goes on social media. Why you ask? Because when I feel horrible it makes sense that some people want some alone time. I know but this is how I usually do things because if I go into my own world of anime that is how I escape from reality and pain. It works, but I know that I have to go back in to real life. I really do appreciate the comments of love and concern I love them a lot and it makes me so happy that people care about me!

( Now that everyone knows what the quiet zone means please be considerate about the way that I am feeling, thanks for your understanding 🙂 )

Disabilities week 2017

I actually have the courage to say that I have a disability. I did not notice until I middle school that I was actually different and actually learning slower than my peers. Later I found out that I had a intellectual disability witch was mild to moderate since I was born. I thought that I was smarter so I decide to go to “normal classes”. The first regular class that I took was science, and it really sparked my love for nature and the elements of life. It was super hard but I passed with a C but it was modified because it was a very hard class to take.

When graduating on the high school I took regular biology it was super fun and my favorite part was the experiments we would do in class. On to junior year, I was so close to getting a normal classes but that was when I was diagnosed with scleroderma which was the hardest thing that happened to me. Begin diagnosed with a chronic illness made my cognitive abilities worse and I had to go back to more special education classes. But while I took as step back I realized begin in special classes was a gift. With so many doctor appointments I had to miss a lot of school luckily all of my teachers we able to accommodate me which was amazing.

              (This picture was taken around September 2015 when I was still in high school)

Today I still have problems understanding what people are saying or unable to process instructions as fast. I still have trouble with reading and writing and I always takes time to process in my brain to answer a question and some times I stutter too. I do not let my disability hold me back from anything. Even though it take me a little bit long for me to understand things, I think it is okay. At first I though that having a intellectual disability was a bad thing but now I embrace it because it is apart of me and there is nothing wrong with me begin myself.

(Taken in July 2014 when I went to Australia at the wax museum I am posing with Jackie Chan)

What’s going on?!

This month of September has been really weird for me. From the onset of the piercing cold of winter to new symptoms of very bad joint pains, fevers, and excess tiredness. There is so much stuff going on with me… The bad things are that my health has been suffering, physically and mentally. I feel like I am having a really hard time right now. It’s mostly physically because my joint pain has been very intense. The joints that are bothering me is my wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. The pain is usually very intense, it is like throbbing pain that hurts so bad to move my joints. It is very hard, but I do not know if it’s caused by my muscles or joints, so the doctor ordered some x-rays of both of my wrists.

                                                                  Why do they hurt?

My emotions are also very intense and running very high since I am in so much pain. It’s is more like me wanting to be left alone because I just want this pain to go away. School is so much fun and I enjoy it but I am not sure how I feel sometimes. My mind sometimes gets overwhelmed with random thoughts which is scary, but I usually talk myself out of it. Sometimes I don’t know what to do when I feel this way, that is why I take lots of breaks and try to squeeze in some anime for the day to get my mind off of things. I just hope that everything will get figured out so that I can feel better…

The good thing is I am going to a volunteer tour on October 1st. I am super excited to go because I want to have more opportunities to to be involved in the community. Plus I want to be able to spend my time helping animals. My dream to become a vet tech and work with different animals including domestic, equine, and maybe exotic. I feel if I volunteer it would be a step closer for more experience and working with different types of animals, but when I am a vet tech I know that I have to work any kind of animals, so I am prepared for anything.

For English Class I took the Briggs Myers test. I remember this test for camp because we tried to figure out how to get the result for this test. I found out that I am one of the rarest personality types which is INTJ. I think that it is very cool how my personality can fit into one of the rarest types. I guess it shows that I am special and that I am able to do great things in this world.

I- Introverted (quiet and reserved. They generally prefer interacting with a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances)

N-Intuition(more abstract than concrete. They focus their attention on the big picture rather than the details and on future possibilities rather than immediate realities) 

T-Thinking (tend to value objective criteria above personal preference or sentiment. When making decisions they generally give more weight to logic than to social considerations) 

J-Judgement-(tend to approach life in a structured way, planning and organizing their world to achieve their goals) This is all very true and it sounds just like me!

                                    Briggs Myers MBTI chart form the anime Soul Eater!!

My Introduction


My Pokemon hat that I got from japan on my Make a Wish!!

My name is Ellis Adams and I am 18 years old. This is my second year here at Miramar college. My major right now is General education but I want to be accepted in the animal vet tech program at Mesa college.What I like to do is watch anime and Netflix, but most of the time I am outside and taking pictures of nature. I love to cook mostly savory dinner foods at home. I love animals!! So every month if I am feeling good, I will got to zoo and walk around to see them. My favorite animal is the elephant because they are just very beautiful and very smart.

       I am holding a picture of an elephant and if I held it up to the light you can see the skeleton

 I live with my mom and my oldest sister who is 20 years old and goes to college too and also a small chihuahua named Milly. We are a very close family and we love each other very much.

                   I am on the left, my sister Emogene in the middle, and my mom is on the right

It may not look like it but I actually suffer from a rare chronic illness called Scleroderma. I was diagnosed three years ago when I was a junior in high school. It is actually very hard living with chronic illness because this disease affects the way i move my muscles and I also have hardening on my skin everywhere on my body. Sometimes I may need help getting up from my chair, have trouble walking or just opening a cap on my highlighter. Sadly this disease is progressive, so I have to get infusions every month but I will not let Scleroderma hold me back from achieving my dreams.

                      Getting my first set of Steroids for my infusions during summer in June 2017

I am involved in the Arthritis Foundation by going to camp and becoming a counselor in training this past summer. This summer I went to Arthritis conference in Indianapolis and it helped me realized that I am no longer alone and that I have a second family that I can relate to. I also attend walks during the summer that benefit charities like make a wish and i also advocate and spread awareness for people who are living with Scleroderma and other chronic illnesses

 I was the Adult honoree for the 2017 Walk to Cure Arthritis!!

What I want to get out of this class is to have the ability to think in critical ways so that I can apply that in my writing. I also want to be able to see my writing skills improve greatly in this course. Writing has always been a huge struggle for me to come up with something to write. I can already tell that this class is amazing and it will be very fun! Thanks for reading!!

                                                 Here is a picture of my dog!! So Cute!!

Arthritis Dinner and First Infusion

October 13-14, 2016

Tonight, I went to the arthritis dinner at the Bay city brewery. I like going to these Dinners because it gives the new opportunities to meet new people and to hear How arthritis has affected their lives and how they are Living now.  About a fortune cookie that said that I will Become a Leader.  Later that night I was asked if I wanted to be the young adult honoree Four of the 2017 Arthritis walk in the summertime.  I was super happy because I think that it was nice to be recognized as an honoree Because I love the arthritis foundation.  It has given many opportunities to go to camp and to my first arthritis conference in Philadelphia.


I am taking pictures with the pumpkins. I love fall because its time for a warm caramel apple spice

The next day I had my first infusion on the medication called Rituximab.  The infusion itself went very well but it is always a struggle to get the Iv line in Because of my Raynaud’s in my hand making them turn white because it was very cold outside and inside the building two.  Once they got it in I felt better but the infusion was about 5 hours.  So, I just watched anime and did some homework.  I really good time because everyone was super nice considering it was my first infusion ever in my life.


An Iv pole thingy, delivering the meds

I had to get another one in two weeks, but the experience Was the same It was very fun in very calming to be in the infusion unit for a couple of hours and just relax.


Every time they put it in it hurts a lot especially if my hand are cold, this on was not that bad.

2 Day hospital stay

Today is the day I must get a colonoscopy for my stomach because it is not functioning correctly, and I must be put under anesthesia which I do not like.  After I woke up, I felt horrible because I felt like I had something down my throat and I thought that I was going to throw up. Then the nurse told me that I had a tube, But I must wear for 24 hours to see on how my movement in my stomach is and that I had to stay overnight at the hospital.  I was really upset at first, but then I realized it would it not be so bad the besides having tube in my throat for one day.  I was busy with homework because I’m taking two English classes for college which are 48 and 49.  I did most my homework but I mostly relaxed and watched a lot of Food Network.


Did this picture right after I woke up didn’t realize i had a big tube down my throat

When it was lunchtime, I was so happy because I did not think that I could eat any food.  What I eat for lunch was some chicken tenders, (my favorite) With fries and some rice.  For dessert I had Graham crackers and fruit loops which was very delicious.  I was also very entertaining because I kept on playing Pokemon go Which is a very fun game to play every time Bored. It was very interesting to see a Ponyta on my bed which was very funny to see.  My favorite part while staying in the hospital is to see all the Pokemon popping up everywhere without even walking. Also, when all the nurses came in and ask me if I wanted to watch a movie or wanted to do some arts and crafts.


Ponyta on my bed I love playing pokemon go!

When I had to sleep I couldn’t really sleep because of really uncomfortable because again it was a very large tube Down my throat.  But when I woke up there was a beautiful sunrise which was very cool to see.  I couldn’t be discharged after five because that was the time I was to be picked up.  After that that the tube out, I was able to go home!I wrote on the board saying to all the nurses thank you and that they were very sweet because they all made a card for me.  That really made my day and the ones who took care of the they all sign it which was super sweet but they all did that.


I wrote to all of the nurses because they were all very nice!

Before leaving I realized that I was drawn on my stomach because I guess they’re trying to see where to put the tube I thought it was super funny.  After I got home there will be a lot of resting in my warm bed for a while.


Got drawn on while I was asleep that made me giggle, I am surprised they didn’t draw a face on my stomach

First Arthritis conference in Philadelphia

August 12,2016

I have arrived at my first arthritis conference in Philadelphia. The plane ride was kind of rough and we missed the dinner, but I found the signing for the conference and found some mango ice cream which was very tasty in my mouth.


This was right after the plane ride, but that ice cream was so good!

The next day there was a time when we must go to our tracks after breakfast.  But I met a new friend named Liam and he has had arthritis for a while and he complimented my Pokemon hat when I was also playing Pokemon go Which what bob the conversation started.  He is very nice and smart and we both love to play Pokemon go. Later we sign each other and a high school track which was amazing.  Then we both decide to go to the Comcast building and get some food. It was fun having a date to hang out with friends.


I found my disease, the bead color was white I had to put it on my name tag

After that we all went to the poll just relaxing for one of our session starts.  What we also did was walk around the hotel and looked at empty conference rooms and just goofed off and had so much fun.  Then we all just on at the lobby at the hotel.  It was weird because the fire alarm went off and everyone had to leave the building.  But there’s just no fire it was only smoke coming from a next-door apartment building.  On the last day of the conference there was a big party, it had a photo booth and miss Philadelphia was there.  At the party there was bought pretzels which was Philadelphia style it was very delicious to Eat, and I have never had a pretzel that it was in that kind of shape.

Going to my first arthritis conference is amazing.  Meeting new Friends and going to a different state while exploring new places. I love doing that and I would totally go to the conference that will be held next year in 2017.


I love this picture because After the conference I made so many new friends and I am stronger than my chronic illness